A complete diagnostic check was made on this website on Sept 20, 2022.

This website was created to help my fellow veterans. It did not spring up overnight. I am not using it to make a profit or to expose those who find this website.  Setting the record straight. I am not a qualified professional.  I am writing about what I did and the research I found. This website is used by me to help with my PTSD caused by combat and MST.  It is my memory bank.  You can find all of this as well on the internet.  Do something to help yourself. 

My Timeline:

  • In 2011 a friend told me I qualified for VA healthcare. I did not know this. He told me to go to a VSO for help. It is far better to go to them first rather than directly to the VA. Let them know what illness or injury you had or have that can be claimed as service-connected for a disability rating.  This puts you years ahead of most by starting this process early.
  • The VSO  filed for service-connected disabilities that I did not know I could do. I was thinking the VA is for Healthcare and knew nothing about disabilities.
  • They sent me to the VA Clinic to register for healthcare.  Important.  Unlike me now is the time to get an account to Access the VA and The Blue Notes.
  • I was first seen by A Primary Care Physician who asked me if I was a victim of sexual assault. I was too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about my rape so I said no. This doctor gave me a mini-physical and asked a lot of questions. He told me I can receive health care for my disabilities but the clinic’s doctors have nothing to do with disability ratings.
  • I was sent immediately to the Mental Health Department on my first day. The process started teaching me about dealing with PTSD. They also asked about MST and again I denied it.  I so so wish I would have been honest and told them at that time.
  • My Primary Care Physician started making appointments for healthcare. The appointments for the disability ratings are sent to me via postal mail or a phone call.
  • IMPORTANT TO KNOW.  You will sit in waiting rooms, snack bars, hallways, and elevators, with many other Veterans. TALK TO THEM. Tell them what you know and find out what they know.
  • The disability side of the VA started sending me to appointments with doctors about the disabilities the VSO filed for.
  • After many examinations by those doctors, I was sent to C&P Exams. The results were sent in the mail. Some were denied and some gave me disability ratings.
  • The VSO refiled for the denied ratings.  I saw more doctors and took more C&P Exams.
  • I was awarded a 100% disability rating in early 2019.
  • After that, I started researching sexual assaults in the military, which lead me to who MST Coordinators are in the VA.
I became extremely motivated because the VA was asking for every MST victim to contact an MST Coordinator to help the VA know how common it is. They said it would help my fellow vets to have the courage to step forward. It would also help the VA to give more funding to this field. I contacted an MST Coordinator because it helps my fellow veterans not realizing it will help me as well.
The MST Coordinator helped answer so many of my questions about what if and what is next. This conversation is private and the incident will not be discussed.
Because of PTSD, I have great difficulty with remembering, focusing, having involuntary, and intrusive memories, and everything else that goes along with it.  The coordinator said I should write a story about what happened to me.  As suggested I read it over and rewrote it with more details many times.  This continued for many months.  In the meantime, I entered a PTSD Group where the instructor took charge of this class and forced the members to focus on the subjects and to keep quiet about rambling stories.
My journey and research began to grow in my personal journal. This website was born Dec 5, 2019 with the contents of that journal.  It did not happen overnight. It was so difficult to write and put things in order.  I still have a hard time with memory and writing my thoughts.  I read this website to help me focus on my needs. I make changes when I find errors and remember more.
I hope this helps you to step out of the fog caused by MST and contact an MST Coordinator. They will keep your deepest darkest terror a secret. All I can say is it did help me and this website is one great factor as well.
This website is free, you will never be asked to sign a petition, there is no membership, your identity will never be asked for, there will never be a meeting or rally, no donations or go fund me will ever be asked for. This is NOT a blog. I am not trying to sell you a PDF or book. I will NEVER make a FaceBook Group. This website helps me because I think I might be helping my fellow veterans.  It was difficult enough to face PTSD in combat. Then I had to face MST. I needed to read and know everything I could to cope with it. This website helped me.  I am still dealing with MST and I reach out to the MST Coordinator for assistance. 
If my health is OK I will renew until 2023. There will never be a way to contact me. I am a very private person.

THE ONLY THING I ASK FOR:  Please send the link to this website https://militarysexualtrauma.vet/ to a vet or member of a veteran’s family.