Prior to the fall of 2019, I became rated as 100% P&T disabled before my first contact with an MST Coordinator. I was tired of being in denial. I was cut off from Mental Health Care and plunged into darkness because of COVID-19 forced isolation. I had to find alternatives to help myself by starting to read everything about MST.

When I came across that the VA admits they failed MST Victims in the past by not understanding how serious the problem is. They made mistakes in denying benefits. I turned my study into this website to get the word out and to help Veterans who are MST Victims get care and compensation. 

Did you know Veterans may have memories of MST or combat during their service that are still upsetting years later? For some, PTSD symptoms may be worse in later years as they age. Learn how as an older Veteran, you may still be affected by your past events during your service. There are tips to find help as well.  Here is another study about how older VIETNAM ERA veterans start suffering from PTSD and Depression nearing their 8th Decade. So if you think you missed the boat for a PTSD Disability think again.

If you filed an MST-related claim before August 2018 and received a denial the VA encourages you to refile so that your claim can be reviewed by staff who have received MST training.

Please tell others about this website, which is my therapy. It helps me. I might be helping others. My ability to retain knowledge is limited. My memory is not as sharp as it used to be. My experiences in the military altered my mental health. This is why the research continues. I do edit or add to this website often. I use many WordPress plug-ins because I write backward, my grammar is not correct, and my spelling is not very good, AI also helps write text.  PTSD forces me to continue controlling my anger. It is wearing me down. When I am triggered I want revenge. I do not look at PTSD as a badge of honor. It has been a curse. I am a 100% disabled veteran. 

Do not be suspicious of why this website exists.

My guarantee. No legal or healthcare advice is given.  I am not an expert, lawyer, doctor, or scholar. There will never be any ads, petitions, membership requirements, rallies, zoom conferences, no go-fund-me, no blogs, no forums, and no social media groups. Your identity will never be known. No communication will ever take place. Your email address will not be asked for. There are no web forms gathering data. No Cookies are required. There are no ulterior motives. I am a vet trying to help other veterans by gathering data from many sources and putting it on this website. Nothing is FOR SALE HERE.

THIS IS MY EFFORT TO BE FACT-CHECKED BY YOU. The below form does not collect any data.   If I am wrong about anything or you want to add something send it. We are in this together. Obviously do not ask a question because I will not respond. Just like you I want my privacy.  I will have no clue who sent this message.

If you see a broken link, any mistakes, an error, problems with grammar, or that I just plain old screwed it all up TELL ME…

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