Treatment TOP 10

START HERE:  View the Top 10 PDF by the VA.  Every VA health care facility has an MST Coordinator who serves as the contact person for MST-related issues who will help Veterans in accessing care. Ask them questions about treatment and health care options related to MST. Contact your local VA medical center and ask to speak to the MST Coordinator.

Because some Veterans do not feel comfortable in mixed-gender treatment settings, some facilities have separate programs for men and women. All residential and inpatient programs have separate sleeping areas for men and women. Veterans should feel free to ask to meet with a clinician of a particular gender if it would help them feel more comfortable.

  • MST-related outpatient counseling is also available through VA’s community-based Vet Centers.
  • For Veterans needing more intensive treatment and support, VA also provides MST-related mental health treatment in residential or inpatient settings.
  • MST-related outpatient services are available at every VA medical center and many VA community-based outpatient clinics. Services are organized differently at different facilities and MST-related care is available even if a facility does not have a specific “MST treatment team.” Mental health services include psychological assessment and evaluation, medication evaluation and treatment, and individual and group psychotherapy.
  • VA provides free treatment for any physical or mental health conditions related to a Veteran’s experiences of MST. No documentation of the MST experience or VA disability compensation rating is required. Some Veterans can receive this free MST-related care even if they are not eligible for other VA care.

As soon as you have met with the MST Coordinator your medical records will show you have reported being the victim of MST. They will provide you medical care for everything you say was caused by MST.