Many veterans are not aware of what MST, PTSD, TBI, VSARD, DSM-5, or VSO are about. This website stops that helpless feeling you have looking from the outside in not knowing what to do. It is time to “Do something to help yourself”.

You deserve compensation if you have any disability that took place during your military service.  This website will help you. It is unfortunate that the DOD has not been able to stop MST.  The good news is the VA is seriously helping the victims.

The Veterans Administration provides  Healthcare and Disability Compensation.  They are separate organizations. The healthcare side will give medical care for your disability but has nothing to do with your disability claims.

VSARD (Veteran Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities) is 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities.   It is the guide for evaluating the severity of disabilities resulting from all types of diseases and injuries encountered as a result of or incident that took place while in military service. The degree of severity is expressed as a percentage rating determining the monthly compensation amount.  Look up every conceivable disease or injury that took place during your military service.  Here is VSARD at another database  National Archives for CFR

Did you know there are 834 conditions eligible for compensation in the official VA disability conditions list?


Military Sexual Trauma is the experience that causes disabilities. You cannot file a claim for MST. There are many disabilities you can file for that could have been caused by MST.  PTSD is the most common one.

VA Mental Health diagnoses PTSD using  DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

VA Disability Compensation rates PTSD by using the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders that shows what percentage of the compensation you are entitled to.

I know nothing about how DSM-5 is combined with the General Rating Formula for PTSD compensation.

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury. PTSD is frequently a secondary service connected to TBI, with both conditions resulting from the same event, and sharing many of the same symptoms.  How severely were you beaten into submission when you were raped?

A Veterans Service Organization acts on your behalf in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for VA benefits (38 U.S.C. 5902, 5903, and 5904). The VA is a bureaucracy full of paperwork and steps we must take. Contact these professionals on how to deal with the VA.  Search for a VSO in your area to start filing your disability claims. They know about what  Types of VA Disability Claims there are and when to file them. Every time you receive a letter from the VA about your claims go to your VSO. Never ignore anything from the VA.

You are facing a Federal Bureaucracy to prove you have a service-connected disability. There will be disappointments and roadblocks. When they deny your claim you will refile. Be persistent. Do not be discouraged and stop. It takes time. Be honest, speak out, and be consistent. Above all do not face this by yourself. Take a loved one to your appointments to be your advocate and rock. Here is a  Nine Step Guideline used by this writer to achieve a 100% P&T Disability Rating early in 2019.

Many Veterans are not aware of how important it is to be connected with the VA. Here is the Matrix of why you should be. The VA is here to help us. When you make contact with anyone in the VA be respectful. Never lie to anyone at the VA. It is fraud if you try to fake a disability. Never do anything that is considered illegal If you feel triggered let them know and they will help you. The VA is not trying to deny anything you are entitled to. They freely give all the information you need to take care of yourself. You just have to ask or look for it just like I did. This research became this website.

If you are aware of any Fraudulent Acts please report them. The VA Office of Inspector General investigates a wide range of potential crimes—from financial crimes to threats against VA personnel and property to actions associated with patient harm.

The information on this website was not created by this webmaster. Many sources were combined here. The highlights and in-depth information were copied and pasted according to topics. You can use it or you can do your own research.